Busy, Busy, Busy!

These past few months have been SUPER busy in the Smith house!

Between sickness (yuck!), attempting potty training (ugh!), growing a new Smith (YAY!), and life in general, we have been non-stop!

Sickness is a serious problem in our home! With two in daycare, and parents who are in the germiest professions (nurse and teacher), sometimes it feels like we are CONSTANTLY under attack! Currently, Sweet Baby Girl is going to her second doctors appointment in two weeks! We are praying this is not RSV making a comeback. A couple of months ago, I first heard about Young Living Oils. While extremely skeptical, I did a little research. The more I researched, the more I wanted to know. Several of our church friends and family have been using them with lots of success. Our kit came in Tuesday, and already it has been put to use! I will update about how the oils are affecting and helping our family 🙂

Potty training has got to be my LEAST favorite thing about having a toddler. It’s a good thing he is super cute! Our biggest problem is overcoming a very strong will. So many times when I suggest that we go potty, I hear “I’M FINE!” Of course, that is usually followed by an accident. We will NOT give up though. I refuse to have three kids in diapers!

Maybe you haven’t heard our latest news…which means you don’t follow us on IG or Facebook.
We are adding one more to our family! Brayden Lane is on his way! He is due June 16, 2014. We are so stinkin’ excited. We had an ultrasound this past Monday, and saw him for the first time (well the first time that we could actually tell he was a baby). The little stinker was rolling and jumping around. He also was sucking his thumb, just like Ry and Sweet Baby Girl!



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