An Update

Since we last posted, so many things have happened on our journey with our first placement. I have written this post so many times. Each time I fail to really find the words to describe how God has moved in our lives and this story.

We can’t share too many details about the case, but we can share that right before her placement was about to change (like the night before), sweet baby girl’s mom decided that we were a better place for her. That was totally a God thing! The mom made sacrifices for her daughter to stay with us, and for that we are grateful. We are so blessed to be a part of this story. We pray that it is one of healing and reunification. The road may be long, but we know that God can do anything!

The other day, I had the pleasure of running into one of our “teachers” of our fostering class. She actually was the same person that taught my aunt Tam’s fostering class (which is how our Heath came to our family!) She asked me if we were coparenting.

They taught us in our classes about this relatively new concept. When you coparent, you not only help the child heal, you also help the parent. It starts by just communicating with the parent. Simple notes sent to visitation. Then it can lead to visits where you supervise and planning things with the parent outside of scheduled visits.

Initially I was totally against it. I wanted nothing to do with the biological parents. In my mind, my job was to take care of the kid, not the parents.

God definitely has worked on my heart. Not only do I communicate with the mom, I also took her to get sweet baby girls ears pierced. That is definitely not something I ever expected to do.

As I write this post, sweet baby girl has been in the hospital for three days. She has RSV and won’t be leaving for a few more days, at the earliest. Please pray that she recovers quickly. They also have found some issues that will require us to go to a specialist when we leave.

Please also pray for Ry, as we are torn between needing to be there for her, and missing him.