Another First…

First crawling…now another first!
For the past week we have been attempting to get Rylan to sleep in his room. For some reason he just does not like his crib. Put him in his pack n’ play in our room, and he falls asleep instantly. Put him in his crib, and it is the end of the world! Mom is the one who breaks down and takes him back into our room. If DCF will allow a foster child to sleep in the parents room until they are 1, why should we? (logical, right?)

Anyways, while Dad is at work, Mom thought she would try nap-time in the crib, and this is what she found after only a few minutes…

That’s right! Rylan Walker Smith…STANDING! He looks quite proud of himself too! Our little guy is growing up WAY too fast!
Looks like we won’t be napping in the crib for a while. Well, at least until Dad lowers it…which could take months 😉

On The Move!

Rylan loves his toys. He has a obsession with them. This is good for me. It means that everyday I can put him in the middle of the living room while I do some everyday chores (mostly washing Rylan’s bottles or clothes).

Yesterday, while gathering laundry, I walked past his “play area” in the living room and almost had a mini coronary. He wasn’t there. I heard a giggle from the scrapbook room (a good 10 feet from the living room). Rylan had crawled all the way there in a matter of a few minutes. I put him back in his little area and continued to the laundry room. Apparently this was the beginning of a new game.

We played this hide, momma freak out, and seek game for the next several hours. My usual 30 minutes of cleaning turned into several hours of cleaning with frequent trips to find Rylan. He went everywhere! His room, his closet, our room, the guest bathroom, under the table, behind the couch…everywhere!! Up to this point, we had’t taken baby-proofing seriously, after finding him tugging on the floor lamp cord last night…I think it is time! We have a little man on the move!


Rylan’s New Talent

New Developments:

For the last several weeks, Rylan has decided that it is fun to make a lot of noise while we are in restaurants.  He doesn’t cry or scream…. it’s an “ahh” sound that he makes.  He can be quite loud and sometimes embarrassing!  For the first few times, we were able to put our hand on his mouth for a moment and he would stop for a while.  Then, he discovered the funny sound he can make when we cover and uncover his mouth! (See YouTube video)

Also, he finally has a pair of bottom teeth erupting!

Catch Up:  He can sit up without assistance.  He can crawl about two feet (then his urge to insert thumb into mouth limits additional progress).  He can change from a tummy to a sitting position without help.  More babbling..  baba, mama, dada.    His conjunctivitis in his left eye has cleared up (thanks to a few days of Vigamox).

This is all I have to report at this time.  Ashley needs to post something, because I’m not very good at blogging, or details, or forming proper sentences.