Funny Tummy Time!

During the break Rylan and Mommy got to spend lots of quality time together! We practiced crawling and worked on getting Rylan to like tummy time. On this day he found it to be quite funny!

Happy Wednesday!

New Years Hopes

I am one of those people who makes New Years Resolutions (mostly fitness/weight loss ones), writes them down, buys everything I need (food or exercise equipment), just to forget them less than a month later (normally when someone makes a cake).

This year I am NOT making resolutions. Instead, I am going to share my hopes for the new year. 2011 was rough for us as a family with graduations, job changes, pregnancy, family struggles, ect. I do have to say that after August 1st, our lives changed for the better. Rylan was without a doubt, the best thing to happen in 2011.
On to 2012…
I hope…
-that Rylan continues to stay healthy and happy
-that Matt and I continue to grow in our relationships with the Lord and each other
-to continue to make memories and traditions with our family
-that my students all pass the FCAT and feel like they have grown and had success in 3rd grade
-to take more pictures of Rylan, he is growing too fast
-to complete my crafty projects and/or actually blog about them
-to take our Christmas tree down before May…ooops!


Looking Back…

Not only is today the first day of 2012, Rylan is 5 months old! Before we look to the future, let’s take a quick look back…

Happy Birthday Rylan! August 1, 2011
7 lbs 13 oz.
21 inches
Eating every two hours.
Several hours after being born, he was lifting his head and looking around.

                                            Two weeks old!
                                            8 lbs 5 oz. Eating every four hours.
                                            This was when mom had to go back
                                             to work 😦


One month old
First time in the pool (thanks Florida weather)
By this time he was eating every 4 hours with a 6 hour stretch at night.
He lost most of his hair and was bald! He was holding his head up by himself. He was already wearing 3 month clothes.








Two months old

He was smiling and laughing in his
own “suck air in really fast” kind of
way. He LOVED his paci and
began to play with toys. By this
time he was sleeping 7+ hours
each night. His 3 month clothes
began to get smaller.





Three months old

By this time he was sleeping 8+ hours every night and sucking his thumb quite regularly. He still hadn’t mastered the hand placement while his thumb was in his mouth. He began going to Busy Bees for daycare. He was rolling from side to side, but not able to roll over yet. This was the month he was introduced to formula. He was transitioning from 3 month to 6 month clothes.


 Four months old

He began to play a lot more. He loved playing in his jumper, a car of course! He had mastered sucking his thumb and abandoned his pacifier. He also began eating solids. During December he tried squash (loved), sweet potato (liked), peas (disliked but ate), bananas (loved), as well as various sweet treats snuck to him behind Matt’s back. (cough cough Uncle Drew!!)

And now…at over 14 lbs, he is 5 months old today!
Sitting up and rolling around. Almost crawling. Talking and beatboxing up
a storm. LOVES playing with his toys and taking baths. His favorite food is still
squash. He sleeps for 8+ hours a night.
Where did my baby go??