Our Brayden Lane!

I know it has been too long since I posted! Things have been so hectic leading up to Brayden’s arrival.

Before I forget the details, I want to document our newest little guy’s birth story.

Two weeks before my scheduled c-section my OB did an ultrasound to measure Brayden. He measured an average of 2 weeks ahead of his due date. His legs measured 40 weeks and 3 days and his weight was 7 lbs 13 oz (Ry’s birthweight!) My OB told me that she expected Brayden to be right at 9 lbs when he was born. By that time I was miserable and just wanted him out!

The night before my scheduled c-section we went to dinner with some of my family. Rylan and sweet baby girl spent the night with family members since we had to be in Winter Haven so early.

On the morning of my c-section Matt and I arrived at The Regency at 6:00. My surgery was scheduled for 8:30. Expecting the OR to run behind, we told our families to wait to come to the hospital.

My last c-section was not scheduled, so I didn’t really know what to expect with this one. I have to say that the nursing staff at The Regency was amazing! From the time we walked in the door they started working and getting things going. I went into the OR right on time. The anesthesiologist had a little trouble with the spinal block, but once he got it, things moved quickly! They put the drape up and let Matt in. At 9:08 a.m. Brayden Lane was born. They let Matt stand up and watch him be pulled out, which was pretty cool. He came out screaming and peeing.


They took him, and Matt, to an adjoining room. In there Matt got to cut the cord and watch him get cleaned and measured. Brayden weighed 8 lbs 14 oz and was 20 inches long.


While they were stitching me up, Matt brought Brayden over for me to see him. It’s amazed me how he could look so much like his brother, but so different too. Unlike Ry’s birth, I was more awake and aware this time. Brayden was obviously hungry, he kept trying to nurse my cheek.


After I got to meet Brayden, they took he and Matt to the nursery to monitor him while they finished my surgery.
Brayden was hungry and kept trying to get his thumb in his mouth!


When they took me to recovery, Matt and Brayden joined me. I was able to nurse Brayden for the first time. The little guy must have been starving…he nursed for over an hour!

From recovery they took us to our room. That afternoon was filled with visitors and naps for us all. My parents brought Ry up to meet his brother. He was so excited! For months he had been asking me when Brayden would be here. He absolutely loves being a big brother.




Sweet Baby Girl loved him too!


We spent two nights in the hospital after Brayden was born. I was determined to get up and get moving. I missed my other two babies!


The first few days as a family of 5 were a little rocky. Rylan was still very excited, Sweet Baby Girl was jealous, and Matt and I were sleep deprived. Fast forward 4 weeks and we are a little more adjusted and I couldn’t imagine life without our new little guy.



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