You made it!

Dear Rylan, You are growing up way too quickly! It seems like you were born just yesterday and your mom and I were bringing you home from the hospital. Having you has definitely changed our lives. I thank God daily for such a blessing. You have changed my life in so many ways! First, I have to get up earlier in the morning. Second, I now have detailed knowledge of which stores have changing tables in their men’s room. Finally, because of you, I now have an extra (stinky) garbage bag to take out. What a difference a baby makes! Honestly though, you were an amazingly happy infant. You slept through the night almost immediately and you were rarely sick. I don’t know how or why mommy and I got so lucky, but we are super grateful. (And, haha to all you other parents and especially my parents!) I love you very much, son, and I am excited to see what your next year will bring to our family. Love, Daddy

My Sweet Baby…

Dear Rylan Walker,

I can’t believe it has already been one year since you came into this world. Before you were here, I knew I loved you, but nothing could have prepared me for how much.

You bring so much joy into the lives of others. Your Grandaddy has said before that you are “soothing”. I could not agree more. Your little smile or your ever elusive kisses can turn my day around in an instant.

Watching you grow this past year has been Continue reading