While We’re Waiting…

So much has happened in our little family’s life since December. Our anniversary, birthdays, family vacations, and more! We have been very busy!

Perhaps the biggest news is that we are now licensed foster parents. In fact, as I type this, our first placement is in her way to our house.

So far, our foster parent journey has consisted of a whole lot of waiting. Waiting for orientation, waiting for classes to start, waiting on the home inspection, waiting on our home study to be completed, waiting on our license, waiting for our first placement call, and now, waiting on our first placement.

While we are waiting I thought I would share why we decided to go down this path.

I (Ashley) have known that fostering would be a part of my life ever since I first saw Heath. From that day, I knew that my life would not be complete until I opened my heart and my home to a child that needs love, even of it is temporary.
Before Matt and I started dating, I told him that he had to be okay with fostering. He would always say “Sure, we will foster, one day…” Our plan was to have our own children, and then when they are grown, foster.
Last fall, Matt and I tried, unsuccessfully, to add to our family. I became frustrated and began to wonder what God had planned for our family. I wanted my children to be close in age. Why wasn’t it happening for us?
Several months ago, we attended a presentation from the 111 Project. I have heard God’s whispers before, but never have I heard Him speak so loudly and so clearly as I did that night. Suddenly it all made sense. We weren’t supposed to follow “our timeline.” God had a much bigger and better one!
I obviously wasn’t the only one who felt God’s presence that night. When the presentation was over, Matt looked at me and said “Let’s do this. Let’s do this now.”
We signed up to get more information, went to orientation, and started classes within a month of attending the 111 Project.

The process of becoming a foster parent is not easy. The amount of paperwork is overwhelming. We were blessed enough to have the BEST licensing counselor, ever. She seriously made the process much less daunting. We loved her.

Our choice to foster has been met with mixed opinions. Most of our family and friends are super supportive. Some are apprehensive. One commenter said that they couldn’t understand how we could take away from Rylan’s childhood.
That comment came at a time where we, ourselves, had begun to question if we could even do this. Could we take on another child? Could we handle this? That little comment solidified our resolve. We could do this, not by ourselves, but because Christ commanded us to! He calls us to care for the orphaned, and He won’t leave us. We want Rylan to grow up in a home where fostering is normal. Where is it what you do. In fact, I pray that he and his future wife follow the call to foster too.

We are so excited to love on the little ones that come to our home. We aren’t done growing our own family, but we will keep our doors and hearts open while we’re waiting.


One thought on “While We’re Waiting…

  1. Comment Imported from Brenda Roberts:

    Ashely ,
    I have Jesus Bumps all over me reading this .. God Bless you, Matt and Rylan . You , my friend , are not taking away from your child but by obeying the call of God , will give him a more abundant and blessed life . for until we are in HIS will our lives are lived in vain … Many wonderful things are coming your way !!! Prayers . Brenda

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