Father’s Day Fun!

So you see the title of this blog-post and you think to yourself “late again”, right? Not really. See I wanted to ensure that everyone involved had a chance to celebrate before I posted about our fun projects we did for Father’s Day.

A few weeks before Father’s Day, Steph (my sweet sister-in-law) and I were inspired by pinterest. Then again, who isn’t inspired by it!?

Anyways, we went to Hobby Lobby (looooveee) and bought the letters D, A, and P. Armed with those letters, a camera, a sheet (which is actually a curtain…long story), and our sweet boys, we set out to work on our gifts.

It definitely took much longer than we thought it would. We had some uncooperative subjects. The only good one was Tyce…who happens to still be in his mommy’s belly.

Instead of smiles that face the camera….we got this…